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Since then, SSL has created hardware that has progressively permeated the music scene with its class and ease of use. To this finish, their merchandise have been utilized in blockbuster Hollywood films and have been credited with many accolades. The SL 4000 E serial quantity #001 is at present in service at Sonic Ranch Recording Studios in Tornillo, Texas. The SL 4000 E (with upgraded G+ computer) from Genesis’ The Farm Studio now in use at Essex Recording Studios. The SL 4000 E originally in-built 1984 for Battery Studios in London was purchased and refurbished in 2018 to be used at 2noisy studio in Azpetia, Spain. Even though Solid State Logic ceased manufacturing SL 4000 Series consoles in 2002, there’s nonetheless demand for these large-format analog recording consoles which supports a large second-hand market and numerous third-party firms offering spare elements.

  • Full channels have hello and lo-pass filters, four-band parametric EQ which carries the legendary SSL tonal character (switchable between Legacy or constant Q), compressor with a new tube ‘heat’ effect, expander/gate, delay, panning and all cross filter.
  • If you like the pure, pristine sounds SSL is known for, you will wish to use the SuperAnalogueTM.
  • The SSL E Series Channel Strip plug-in gives you every little thing you have to dial in professional, polished tracks with traditional SSL sonics.

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  • Lastly, the SSL 4000 G Series was released in 1987, offering further improvements together with a redesigned EQ.
  • A unique function of the XL Desk is that it provides 18 slots to load up with your favorite 500 Series modules.
  • In an interview for Brainworx Audio, authentic SSL engineer Chris Jenkins discusses the SSL 4000 collection and its reputation amongst such cutting-edge audio engineers.
  • ORIGIN takes these principles and combines them with a modern feature-set that bridges the gap between digital manufacturing and analogue console workflow.
  • The XLogic family of merchandise included the Logic Channel, the company’s first standalone channel strip.

While solely the Low Frequency knobs on an E-Series EQ are, in fact, black, the name “Black Knob” caught as a straightforward method of distinguishing this vibrant and versatile EQ from previous versions. (Later variations, together with the G+, allowed prospects the option of loading within the E-Series EQ). As a mixer, it’s essential to know the place these items comes from and the way this stuff was built. The SSL 4000 console has fulfilled the desires of generations of artists from so many various worlds.

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While today, mixers and musicians hear extra about the SSL 4000 G +, Softube SSL 4000, and SSL compressors, all of this gear and their traits may be traced again to the unique SSL 4000 console. The company’s first products had been switching techniques for pipe organs which used FET switching and multiplexed communication between the keyboard and the electro-mechanics of the pipes. These changed expensive, cumbersome and unreliable arrays of relays and solenoids and thick bundles of interconnecting cables. The SSL console was one of the first to have reverse talkback, a function that allowed the engineer and musician to speak with one another on either facet of the glass utilizing closely compressed microphones. In 1980, British engineer Hugh Padgham found a quirk of the SSL console while engaged on the third solo album Peter Gabriel put out. In the UK, varied iterations of the console have been adopted by engineers at Sarm East Studios, including renowned producers Trevor Horn (Paul McCartney, Cher), Gary Langan (Queen, The Buggles), and Julian Mendelsohn (Dusty Springfield, Pet Shop Boys).

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With this intention, in our SSL room recording studio we now have the SSL AWS900 together with AVID HD i/0 Class A Converters, an Antelope Isochrone Word Clock, Pro Tools HD 24 Inputs 24 Outputs, and flush-mounted customized speakers w/ twin subs. The complete room is fitted to suit any artist or producer seeking to create their finest sound. Whilst continually evolving recording know-how renders bodily consoles like the SSL increasingly out of date, the enduring influence of the SSL remains. When it emerged, there was no different console of its kind, and it went onto utterly revolutionise the recording process. To this day, the profound affect of the SSL may be heard in the hundreds of recordings which might be cherished by so many, remaining the soundtracks to our lives nonetheless to this day. One of the elements which contributed to the success of the SSL console was the eagerness of its early adopters.




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