Kappa Meaning & Origin Twitch Emote Explained

This website, claimed to be created by a user named OptionalField, detailed not only how many times Kappa was used per minute on Twitch but many other emotes. Well, in the viral content age, it’s difficult to truly know why something flourishes. DeSeno’s face, taken from his photo ID, embodies the troll and trash-talking culture of the internet, especially when it comes to the world of online gaming. In addition to the emote, people will either type the word “Kappa” or speak the word to convey the same meaning.

  1. The website allowed anyone to broadcast their video online for free through channels.
  2. In addition to the emote, people will either type the word “Kappa” or speak the word to convey the same meaning.
  3. Now that you know all about Kappa, it’s time to get out there and start spam those chatrooms.

In this variation, DeSeno’s head is edited to have a Santa Claus hat. The emote has the same meaning as Kappa and sees increased usage during the winter holidays. Despite the seasonal connotations, the emote’s daily usage averages around 150,000. DeSeno has explained that he was a huge fan of Japanese mythology and named his emote Kappa, after the turtle-like, Japanese water spirit of the same name. The Kappa emote (or just the word “kappa”) is used either at the end of a message or spammed in the chat to imply sarcasm, irony, or just the act of trolling.

It’s a black and white emote and is a cut-out of a former Justin.tv employee’s photo. Kappa is widely used on Twitch in chats to signal you are being sarcastic or ironic, are trolling, or otherwise playing around with someone. It is usually typed at the end of a string of text, but, as can often the case on Twitch, it is also often used on its own or repeatedly (to spam someone). By 2014, Kappa got a Twitch-related Urban Dictionary definition. In 2015, Kappa was being used on Twitch an average of 1 million times per day on average. According to Dictionary.com, by 2014, Kappa got a Twitch-related Urban Dictionary definition and in 2015, Kappa was being used on Twitch an average of 1 million times per day on average.

The name Kappa was taken from Japanese folklore, where a Kappa is a demon or imp. Outside of Twitch, the word Kappa is used in place of the emote, also for sarcasm or spamming. The Kappa face appears on a wide array of merchandise, and in homage to it, many variations of it have been made.

Kappa Emote In Twitch Chat: Origin, Use and Popularity

This one has a rainbow palette on DeSeno’s face, which in this context denotes the LGBTQ+ pride flag. The emote is used in the chat to either inquire or confirm someone being part of the LGBTQ+. Kappa is a grayscale photo of Josh DeSeno, a former employee of Justin.tv, a website created in 2007 to allow anyone to broadcast videos online. One part of Justin.tv became hugely popular—its gaming section. That section would later split off into a separate website, known as Twitch. The Kappa emote is the face of Josh Deseno, a former employee of Twitch when it was still Justin.tv.

Kappa started appearing on Twitter (in the text-based form #Kappa) in 2011 thanks to Twitch users and Twitch’s own account. Golden Kappa replaces the original Kappa in the chat seemingly at random and on random ifc markets review channels. Because of the spontaneous nature of the emote, the metrics show low daily usage, but recent spikes on May 13th, 2021, and May 22nd, 2021 registered usage of 2,950 and 1,445 respectively.

Last year a Reddit thread sprung up after user rox666 asked about the existence of golden Kappas. The word “Kappa” often comes at the end of an ironic or sarcastic statement, so if you see a sentence with the last word being Kappa, you shouldn’t take it seriously. A journalist at fbs forex review heart, she loves nothing more than interviewing the outliers of the gaming community who are blazing a trail with entertaining original content. When she’s not penning an article, coffee in hand, she can be found gearing her shieldmaiden or playing with her son at the beach.

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Kappa the monochrome face received popularity for being synonymous with either sarcasm or trolling and they kept the emote after he left. Kappa is a smug-looking face that is often spammed when someone is joking about something. It’s also used to mock or make fun of someone, whether it’s the streamer or someone in the streamer’s chat. Here is the official list of all the Kappa emotes available right now through Twitch’s native Twitch chat.

According to Know Your Meme, DeSeno was hired to work on the Twitch chat client in 2009 and keeping with tradition at the startup, added an emote based on himself on the site. The now-dissolved Justin.tv started off in 2007 when entrepreneur Justin Kan started livestreaming his daily life 24/7 through a webcam mounted on his head. The website allowed anyone to broadcast their video online for free through channels. The wide variety of content was divided into categories with Justin.tv separating its ‘Gaming’ section in June 2011 and creating a new site called Twitch. The popularity of Justin.tv declined over the years and the company was eventually dissolved in August 2014.

There are a number of different Kappa emotes

Justin.tv was an early video streaming website that started in 2007. It featured a number of channels dedicated to various types of videos. The channel dedicated to gaming, Twitch, was so popular that it became its own site, Twitch.tv, in 2011. As you learn more about the top emotes on Twitch, you will be able to better understand all of their westernfx review definitions and how you can use them to replace words on the popular streaming platform. One of the most popular variants is KappaPride, a rainbow version that was created after the United States Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples were allowed to marry in 2015. Twitch used to have an employee named Josh Kappa back when it was Justin.tv.

Kappa is often spammed in chat as a way to check for the Golden Kappa. In 2011, the Kappa emote was created from a photo of then Justin.TV employee, Josh DeSeno. Since then, the Kappa emote has grown in popularity and, in a sense, has become the face of Twitch. It is used well over a million times per day on the platform for a variety of reasons. According to StreamElements Chat Stats, Kappa is the ninth top Twitch emote in use and has been sent over one billion times on Twitch. Different variations of Kappa including KappaPride, MiniK, KappaHD, or KappaRoss were added to the streaming site over the years, further adding to the Twitch emote’s popularity.

From all of the channels featured on the website, the channel dedicated to games, Twitch, quickly became the most popular on the website. Twitch’s increasing popularity prompted Justin.tv to make a separate website in 2011 which is how Twitch.tv came to be. Being one of the first emotes added to Twitch chat, Kappa has had over 10 years to build its reputation as one of the most popular Twitch emotes to date. Over those years, we’ve seen quite a few evolutions of the Kappa emote, giving us some fun variations along the way. What came after was a number of responses as users came together to try and figure out where the golden Kappas came from and how they could get them.




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